Monday, January 5, 2009

The Eventful Holidays!

We spent Christmas Eve in Enterprise this year
Our little boys all dressed up so they could go play on the four-wheelers in the snow

Our tradition of Christmas Eve P.J.'s. Basketball shorts is the closest we can get Luke and Brent to resembling pajamas. Luke, Me, our niece Cassidy, our sister-in law Whittney, and Luke's bro Brent.

Christmas morning in Enterprise with all 14 of us!

Our Nephew Halen on his new trike!

Me and my sister-in-laws all got cute decorations for our houses that my mother-in-law made for us.

It was a very cold, white Christmas morning! Luckily I got lots of warm clothes for christmas!

We left Enterprise at about 10:30 to go to my Dad's. It had been snowing all night so of course the roads were awesome and it took longer than we would hope. We opened gifts and then had an amazing, low-calorie breakfast with just about every kind of breakfast food you can think of. We look forward to it every year :) this is one of the many reasons we have to go on a diet in January.

Grandpa Boyd, Austin, and Luke diggin in.

And finally that afternoon we went to my mom's for christmas. Smile everyone :) We gave Austin a Rock band game that we spent way too much time playing. Luke isn't a big fan though. He was ready to come home! We also got to talk to my little brother Brandon who called from his mission in Missouri. He is doing well and is halfway done!

My mom mentioned that she wanted a matching nativity set. So, after searching and searching I finally found this one on sale for a decent price. I love the little animals.

New Years Eve was pretty quiet for us this year. After I got done working my 12 hour shift, we went to my grandmas for a delicious prime rib dinner followed by going to Marley and Me and then watching everyone celebrate on TV in bed in our P.J.'s :) It was nice to spend some time together and to just stay home. We were tired of sleeping in somebody else's bed. We didn't see each other much when we were with our families.

New Years Day at Red Robin with Mik'L, Denell, and Rakel my high school buds! It was good to see them. Our lives are so busy we don't see each other as often as we used to!