Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We had some of our friends over last night to carve pumpkins. It was a lot of fun. Luke disapeared for a while and I just thought he was being antisocial as usual, so I went looking for him and found him on the computer downloading a texas longhorns symbol to carve on his pumpkin. He is so obsessed! I must admit that was pretty creative though. I carved the one to the right of Luke's cow all by myself. I think I was scaring everyone with my giant knife trying to break into the dang thing. I must admit I am quite proud of my mad skills :)

Luke, Ashlee Elster holding her baby Irelyn, Jeff, Gina, and Gina's little sister Tori. Gina and I work at the hospital together and Ashlee is married to Luke's good friend Rob who was home sleeping so he could go to work at 11. We also had lots of fun eating candy (my contribution) and Ashlee's yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. thanks Ash!

Cute little madi (Ashlee's daughter). She wasn't too excited about the pumpkins, but she had fun chasing our pets around.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy weekend weather

It started snowing yesteray afternoon! I checked the weather though and it is supposed to warm back up to 75 by Saturday so that makes it a little more enjoyable! I don't think I could handle it if winter was going to start now.

This is what it looked like this morning.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finally...some new furniture

We have only been married for 5 years now and we finally decided (well I did) that it is time to break down and buy some furniture. Don't get me wrong, the hand-me-downs are much appreciated, but you can only handle them for so long right? Luke and I have been sharing my old dresser that I got when I was 14. We were long overdue. I'm also really excited to have a footboard now so when Luke kicks the comforter off in the middle of the night and I wake up at 2 a.m. cold, I don't have to go searching for it anymore. Very exciting. Ha ha. It's just nice to have matching. new furniture in at least one room of our house. Next room in line, the family room.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Enjoying the fall

I was informed that I needed to post something, and yes I agree since it has been almost a month since my last post. What can I say. My life has been pretty boring this past month. So I decided to post our little pumpkins growing in our backyard to our surprise. Aren't they cute? This fall has been quite nice in Cedar, however I think it is starting to get cold. I had to turn the heat on this weekend :( well i guess i didn't have to, but it sure felt nice :) the high on saturday was in the 50's! i felt so bad for all the marathon runners that day when i woke up. I'm hoping that it was just a cold front and we will get to enjoy fall a little more before the freezing comes!