Monday, January 31, 2011

The Dark Side

So, I decided to be brave and try out being a brunette :) Not sure if I will stay this way for long or enjoy the gray looking regrowth. We will see how it goes. A good change I guess

Finally caught up!

Thanks to work being slow today, my shift got canceled. I must admit I have been hoping for this day for quite sometime now :) So I decided to spend the day getting caught up on my blog! Yay! It only took a few hours and about 6 posts or so haha. Now my goal is to stay caught up and not get 6 months behind again! So if you have been missing us the last 6 months, now you can see why I have been too busy to blog!

Scott and Josie's Wedding!

We are so excited Luke's baby sister got married! Introducing....Mr. and Mrs. Finch!

Josie with both of her cute brothers!

All the Girls in the fam

All the boys

And us... aren't we festive in our color coordinating outfits?

Ugly Club Christmas Reunion

I only get to see all of these girls about once a year anymore now that we live in different cities/states. It's always good to see each other and catch up a little. Denell is living in Arizona so she is the hardest to keep in touch with. Mik'L and Rakel are both in St. George so it shouldn't be that hard, but for some reason it is. Life is just busy I guess. We got together for a little lunch at Mik'L's house. It's always good to see them!

White Elephant Christmas Party

Lots of yummy treats to eat of course!

Yes! the shake weight! Luke's ingenious idea. Thank you Tim for demonstrating how to use it!

The twighlight gift....comes with both Jacob and Edward faces depending on who you prefer and massage oils of course (I have to admit I was really sore from working out and I did have to steal this gift from them)

And of course...the Buddha statue that Luke Geddes just had to have, along with the shot glasses!

Some of the other great gifts included the bump it to give volume to your hair and the padded underwear to give volume to your booty! We all know I didn't need those!

Vegas Baby!

We went to Vegas with our friends in November. It was a blast! We went down on Friday night and went to Hard Rock Cafe since some of them had never been there. We did lots of eating, shopping, and just had a blast hanging out. The weather wasn't as good as we were hoping, but we did get to enjoy the hot tubs at least :) We ate so much we were literally sick. We tried a new place called Hash House A Go Go. We will definitely be going back to that one.
Chris is into pawn shops and that show "pawnstars" so we went to the shop where that show is filmed. It was pretty cool.

We wanted to go see a show. Tickets for Mystere by Cirque De Solei were on sale so we decided to go to that. It was pretty cool with all the tricks that they do. I don't think I would go see it again though. Maybe one of their other shows would be cool to see. It was pretty weird.

After that we came home refreshed and rejuvinated and felt like would could survive life after all :) well at least I did. Thanks guys! I definitely needed a getaway!

October...the gather, deer hunt, and beautiful colors

This month is always a busy one for Luke. My family gathers our cows up on Cedar Mountain to bring them down for the winter before it snows and then the deer hunt is Luke's family's official holiday.
I went up with Luke to our Cabin while he was helping gather cows so I could see him a little. There were a ton of deer that would just walk right in front of the trailer. Kinda fun to watch. Tora came up with us too. All the animals freaked her out though. Don't think we will do that again. Our horse got injured this year. Got spooked and jumped into a stack of branches on the ground. One of them got jammed up into her leg. So we got to take a visit to the vet. They had to knock her out to get the stick out of her leg. Lots of fun. 400 bucks later, antibiotics, and daily dressing changes and she is as good as new now :)

Some of the beautiful colors up at deer camp. Love the fall colors. The weather was bad this year. It rained and got really muddy :( I lasted a couple of days and then came home

September...Antimony, bowling, & Cedar Half

We went to Antimony with Chris and Katye and stayed at their cabin. It was nice to see a part of Southern Utah that I had never been to before.
We went bowling with our friends for Carly's birthday...Good times!

Anna, Carly, Katye, Me
I ran the Cedar Half Marathon. Finished in 2 hrs 3 min. Was hoping to finish a little faster than that but I was pretty happy with my time I guess. The race started up Cedar Canyon and ended at Main street park. It was mostly downhill, usually my fav, but my leg started hurting about mile 6 or the last half was kinda rough
Sitting down after the race for a little snack and rejuvinating!

My BFF's that I trained with. We are all in the same ward. Spent many hours together training for this race. Couldn't have done it without them!

Me, Anna, Katye, and Shauna

Shauna, Anna, and I also served in the Primary Presidency in our ward for 2.5 yrs. We got released shortly after this. Bitter sweet moment. We were ready for change, but would miss each other :( Then I got put on the Relief Society Committee with Anna and was asked to continue to help with girls camp. Anna was put in as camp director :) Then I got released from RS Committee after 1 whole month and was asked to be Cubmaster! Ahhhh! Luckily Luke and Shauna are in there with me...then Shauna got released to play the piano in RS :(

Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 Year Class Reunion PVHS

Yes I am still like 6 months behind but I am determined to get caught up on all the fun things we did since August :) My 10 year class reunion was this August in St. George. It was 2 days and I think there was a pretty good turnout. I still keep in touch with most people through blogs and facebook, but it was still good to see some of the people I don't and meet some of my friends spouses and kids.
Friday night we met at a park and had a BBQ with the families. Kids and all. We took Shelby. The kids loved her of course. Then again, who doesn't love Shelby?

Saturday night we met at the high school in the commons area where we used to have our Friday night stomps after the games. We took a tour of the high school since a lot has changed since we were there. Ate a little. Took pics. Watched a video of memories of our senior yr. Mingled and caught up with everyone. It was a great time.

Thanks Becky for making these cute scrapbook pages and letting me steal them for my blog since I didn't do so well taking pics!