Thursday, January 28, 2010 update....the last couple months

My great grandma Zina turned 89 in November. We went to the Gun Barrell for dinner to celebrate

I love her so much! She has always been there for me!

4 generations. I was hoping to make it 5 soon. This was the night I told my family I was pregnant. Unfortunately I miscarried a week and a half later

Brandon is home! He flew in from Missouri on December 17. Yahoo!

His cute girlfriend Whitney. They met 2 months before he left and wrote the whole time. We love her!

So happy to have him back!

The whole fam (my mom's side anyway)

Every year on Christmas Eve day we go bowling with my mom's side of the family in Cedar

Learning how to play our new favorite card game...Bang!

Eating our delicious prime rib dinner that grandma works so hard on

Our Christmas Tree. We cut down like a 30 foot tree on Cedar Mountain in order to try and find the perfect tree :)

We went down to St. George for a Christmas party with our friends at Jake and Wendy Bulkley's house

Tora got a new toy for Christmas. A bird on the end of a stick with a string. She loves it! Drags it around the house so we will play with her. Hopefully this will help keep her from bringing real ones in the house anymore!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my mom's this year and then headed up to Enterprise. Shelby and Shep (Bryce's puppy) playing tug tug with their new toy. They are such cute cousins. haha.

Sadie and Chance. This will probably be Chance's last Christmas. She is just getting so old and miserable it is time to put her down, but none of us are brave enough to do it :(

Luke playing with his remote control helicopter in enterprise. Who says I don't have any children?