Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break

So we didn't go anywhere really exciting for my "spring break" but it was still fun to me! We just went down to St. George and Mesquite to enjoy the warm weather for a few days. My mom wanted us to come down and stay and it just so happened that she had 4 free nights down in mesquite that were going to expire this month.

I got to meet Mik'L's baby Myler for the first time. He is so cute!

We went swimming a couple times down in mesquite. It was so nice! I'm so ready for spring. We also did a little bowling, gambling (we only lost 3 bucks), and a lot of eating! The buffet kicked my butt. Needless to say I'm ready for a diet! It was fun and hard to come back home!

Friday, March 6, 2009

...More snowmobiling fun (our overnight trip)

The Cabin - quite a bit more snow this trip! Luke packed dinner (cheeseburgers) and then he spent a while getting it warm in there, then we enjoyed watching a movie on our little portable DVD player in bed (no electricity). Pretty fun date night!

All of the snow fell off the roof and made it slightly difficult to get in.

Lukey Poo in his cute goggles :)

I would have taken more pictures, but there was lots of powder and we (meaning me) got really stuck, and then stuck again. I spent my time swearing instead of taking pics :) I might go again sometime, but not anytime soon. At least I got a good workout in that day!

Luke in the outhouse (hee hee) he didn't know I was taking this at the time :)

Shelby loves my uncle Ross & his toothpicks!