Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saying goodbye to part of the family

Today was not a fun day. We had to say goodbye to our family Dog of 20 years (105 in doggy years). She has hung in strong, but we just couldn't stand to see her suffer anymore. It was hard taking her to the vet and having her put to sleep, but I'm glad we got to say goodbye and end her pain and suffering. We were so young when we got her (I think I was around 8 or 9), Brandon was still in diapers, and Austin wasn't even born. She was a great dog. She kept track of us like a babysitter and would go crazy when she couldn't find us. She really was a part of our family and will always hold a special place in our heart.

Chance in her younger years about 6 years ago

She really loved Luke. My Mom said even lately when he would come around she would perk up a little more.

This was her last Christmas. She mostly just slept all day and wasn't able to do much anymore. We knew she would be going soon and just hoped she would do it on her own in her sleep.

We buried her in the backyard of my Mom's house, where she lived her entire life. My little brother Austin made a little cement plaque with her paw print and the inscriptions: Chance 1990-2010. We love you.

Baseball Tournament in Las Vegas

Last Thursday and Friday I went down to Vegas with my family for my little brothers baseball Tournament. It was a short trip because I had to come back and work Saturday, but it was a pretty fun little get away. His coach had a hook up and got us a sweet deal on a room at Treasure Island. Unfortunately we didn't have much time to do anything other than baseball, eating at cheesecake factory, and getting Summer's ears pierced :)

Mom and "nummer" in her sexy glasses

This stadium was called "Field of Dreams" I believe. Nicest little league field I had ever seen. It was fenced and cost a whopping $3 to get in. The infield was astroturf and pretty sweet.