Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cedar 31 Mile Relay

This year I decided to do the Cedar Relay.  Our team had a total of 5 runners and we ran a total of 31 miles.  I think my 2 legs added up to be about 8 total.  My first leg was all downhill down Right Hand Canyon.  Could hardly walk for about a week after that one!  My second leg was on Westview and was about 3 miles.

My second leg on westview.  There is our neighborhood in the background :)

It was getting hot at this point.  Around 10 am or so.  Thought I was barely moving, but my split turned out to be pretty fast to my surprise!

Handing off to my teammate and glad to be finished!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hawaii!! August 2011

Our good friends Chris and Katye are lucky enough to have a timeshare they get to use every year or two.  It was their 10 year anniversary this year and they wanted to go somewhere fun and invited us along for the ride!  We decided to go to the Big Island of Hawaii and check it out!  We stayed in Kona.

The first day we decided we wanted to go cliff jumping into the ocean. Kinda scary but fun!

Getting ready in our wet suits to go snorkeling with the Manta Rays at night!

Swimming in the Ocean after jumping off the rocks

Checking out some history of Hawaii after an afternoon of snorkeling

So Beautiful!

Having fun on the boat before getting to our Manta Ray snorkel spot

On our last day there we traveled to another side of the island that is very tropical and rainy.  This was the lookout

Parasailing for the first time!  It was a blast!