Monday, February 2, 2009

SuperBowl Weekend!

On Saturday we went snowmobiling on Cedar Mountain up to my family's cabin. Brent and Whittney came and spent the whole weekend. The snow was powdery and the sun was out and it was warm! It was so much fun! We went a total of 50 miles round trip!

Me and Whittney

Still quite a bit of snow up there!

Our Cabin that we took a pit-stop at for some hot cocoa. Mmmm. It was actually warmer outside than it was inside the cabin.

A pretty view. The back right hand corner is Zion. Kind of hard to see in a picture though.

Luke being a crazy man flying through the air!

Me not so daring :)

Just a pretty picture of a stream running through the snow

Luke bailed on that one! Every once in a while he gets scared, but not very often. Luckily he has only broken 2 bones in the 6 1/2 years I have known him :)

All of Luke's family came to our house on Sunday for a SuperBowl party. We had lots of yummy food and fun!

Watching the commercials in 3-D. Silly boys!