Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rafting trip day 1

 We drove to our starting point the night before and camped next to the river.  It was a 6 hour drive.  3 hours to Lake Powell and then another 3 hours near Bluff in Eastern Utah.  There were some puppies that someone left out there and so of course we instantly took them under our wing and fed them.  The ranger said someone was coming back to adopt them which was great otherwise we probably would have taken them home!
 Getting ready for our adventure!!
There was one big raft that our guide had most of the food and supplies in and a bunch of smaller rafts called "duckies" that we got to carry some of our gear in and 1-2 people. 
 Dave and Chris excited for the adventure!
 And we are off in the muddy river!
 Me in the front doing all the work with Luke in the back taking pics ;)
 Katye and Chris
 Some neat Indian Petroglyphs on the rock walls
Katye and I on our hike

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