Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rafting Trip Day 2

Making Dinner in the kitchen!
 Human train down the river
 An old structure that had a gian wheel on the end that dipped into the river to create power back in the days
 Lukey Poo taking a break
 Chris and Katye
The San Juan Hill where pioneers struggled in settling Eastern Utah

 "WE THANK THEE GOD" carved into the rocks at the top of the trail.  Their animals had to work so hard to get up the trail that they collapsed at the top with muscle spasms and fatigue and many of them were lost :(
 Marks from the wheel of the wagons ground into the rocks on the trail
 Hiking the trail
 Some neat Indian dwellings in the rocks
 A closer look.  About 30 or so people lived here.  Crazy
 Our fearless leader and the group being educated about the dwellings

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