Sunday, October 24, 2010

A weekend at the Ranch this summer

One of Luke's most fav places is my family's ranch up on Cedar Mountain. We went up there the weekend before his birthday because that was what he wanted to do. We went on a little horse ride. The horses up there are pretty wild. The only ones Austin and I are allowed to ride are the old fat ones that don't want to go anywhere :)

Austin and Shelby all snuggled up in bed

Swimming in the creek. It had rained so the water was pretty muddy

Whitney and I just relaxing while the boys fished and shelby swam for sticks

Austin had a blast catching fish at Kearn's Pond

Sold our truck

We had this truck for almost 4 years and it has been a good truck, but Luke's friend was very convincing that we needed to buy their truck. It was a good deal and we knew that they had taken good care of it. It also had 4 real doors and a normal size back seat instead of one for midgets where your knees are in your chin :) It's nice too. Leather seats, and 2 of my fav warmers and dual climate control. Thats right. 60 for luke, 80 for me :) It's a 2006 Silver Chevy Duramax. So now we have matching vehicles. Both 2006 and silver. Aren't we cute. Haha. The only reason Luke was able to talk me into it is because he said we could take the money we make from the Dodge and put it into our savings for our "baby fund." What can I say...I'm a woman. The baby fund won.

July 17th....My day

This year for my birthday I just wanted to stay home and relax. It had been a crazy summer and I was tired of being gone

My mom and Austin came up from St. George and we went to lunch

Grandma Zina and Pat came as well

Luke surprised me with a new camera. He had a little help from my mom. After lunch we went back to my grandmas house and had an exciting game of monopoly card game!

Later that evening we went to dinner with some friends at the Garden House. It was a nice relaxing weekend

saying goodbye....again :(

In July we had to say goodbye to yet another family pet. Sadie, my mom's golden retriever got an infection and had to be put to sleep. She was only about 7 years old. They did surgery on her and did a hysterectomy, but it was too late. The infection had gotten too bad and she had peritonitis. 2 different vets tried to help her, but eventually they recommended she be put to sleep. Bryce sent me a text at about midnight letting me know they had to put her down. So sad. I cried. My mom has been a mess until just recently she got a new puppy to help cheer her up.
Sadie was a very sweet, loving dog. She loved to be loved. We will miss her.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Simkins family reuinion in pinevalley

Luke's mom wanted to have a reunion for just our family since Marsha, Ben, and Cassidy would be moving to New York at the end of the summer. It was nice to get out of the heat and just hang out. We attempted to go to gunlock reservoir with some waverunners we borrowed but that didn't work out so well. So we played games, hung out, and camped in tents

4th of July!!

We went to my mom's for some illegal fireworks...I mean legal

This is the best pic I could get of Luke and I. Sad I know. We took several. Just wasn't happening

Bryce and Nummers

The whole fam damily lined up in front of the house for the exciting show!

Girls Camp....again

I wasn't the assistant camp director this year, but they didn't have enough leaders that could go up, so they asked me if I could so I went up for the first day and night until some of the other leaders could come up. We were the rodeo queens this year. There was a fireside that night that was really good. and friend reunions and 7 yr anniversary!

Luke's family reunion this year was at Quail Lake. It was hot!
I can still wakeboard but jumping didn't go so well. About killed myself. I forget I'm getting old and not so talented

Grandpa Singleton, Cassidy, and Marsha trying not to melt in the sun. I couldn't get enough of it

After that we met up with Luke's highschool and college buddies in Enterprise for a little get together since Brett was in town from Indiana

And the wives and kiddos

Then on Sunday Luke and I celebrated our 7 yr anniversary. We were pretty busy with our friends and family that weekend so we really didn't do anything exciting :( just took the day off and hung out. This pic was at our Luncheon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

June 12...Beefs wedding....Las Vegas Temple

Making their entrance out of the temple as husband and wife!

So Happy!

The old married farts :)

It was a beautiful day. It ended up being overcast and the perfect weather for a wedding

Both sides of the family

Silly Bridesmaids...Me, Whitneys 3 sisters, and her cousin

Taking Pics outside the Temple

The wedding party

More Bridesmaid pics

Me and my brothers...aren't they adorable?

Hanging out at the reception